Alternative Search Engine - SAP Notes (KBA)

  • Hi guys,

    I'm using the SAP note search engine since the good old Opera days and also in Vivaldi. But after a couple of month I just wanna ask if you can change something, or if I have to live with it.

    My default search engine is "", so I can enter a number to get direct access to the wanted SAP note (KBA). But it needs an authorization which is given through a user (browser) certificate. That works very well and I don't want to miss that option!

    The problem is, if I enter e.g. sometime I get the popup for the SAP authorization before I can hit enter, it seems that the engine always connects first to the default search engine and even I confirm or cancel that popup, the google website is showing. That's the annoying part, because every time I just want to open a new website and don't want to use the search engine, I get the popup from SAP.

    Now you will say, use the option "Search Suggest in Address Field" with the option "Search Engine Shortcut", but I want to be able to enter just my note number. So this option is deactivated in my settings. Is there a chance to get this working like "I want", or do I miss some setting? Or do I have to use the shortcut?

    Thanks for any help!
    Best regards,

    ps. Thanks for the great browser!


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