Cursor does not hide for fullscreen movies

  • Similiar to this bug Linux. But the mouse pointer does not disapear for fullscreen movies.

  • It's already hiding in 1.6 snapshots

  • Not here, not fixed on 1.7.

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    @mattbel78 I can confirm (at least for me on the latest v1.8 snapshot) that Vivaldi hides the cursor when playing YouTube videos fullscreen. What OS are you running and what sites don't work for you on v1.7? If there's a problem, it will be nice to get it fixed before Vivaldi 1.8 gets released.

  • @xyzzy Right, my bad. It doesn't say "Downvote" or anything, no harm intended, just wanted to let people know in a quick way that it wasnt't working for me. Maybe a more explicit interface would be better for that regard. Got it.

    I'm on Win 7 x64. YouTube does work here too, but the post did not mention any specific site. and have the problem, supposing it can be changed: mouse cursor stays on screen in fullscreen mode (and the playback bar is shown too). Sometimes, on the first one, the cursor disaapears for half a second only, or just flickers. Have to drag it to the extreme right, but you can still see it, and it's easy to bring it back in view by accident.

    Also, the setting in Vivaldi labelled "Hide the mouse cursor for page-initiated fullscreen" seems a bit confusing since, as I understand it, fullscreen can only be triggered by user as a safety measure.

    Thank you.

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    @mattbel78 No worries! 🙂 Those buttons are also very easy to hit by accident.

    Since you're on a version of Vivaldi that's been out for a while now, it's probably best that you submit a bug report directly to the developers. It's fast and very easy to do:

    You'll also be able to track the bug's status.

    The Forums are a great place to get help from others in the community but they're not actively monitored by the Vivaldi developers. (Vivaldi employees have a Vivaldi badge next to their name. )

    I tried playing video on those sites but I don't have Flash installed and it's required for, and probably on as well. I'm also a Mac user (and this is the Mac forum) so I'm not necessarily the best person to help with your issue. However, people still visit here from all platforms so hopefully someone with Flash can try to confirm the bug.

    Welcome to the Vivaldi community!

  • @xyzzy Right. I might do that.

    Good to know...

    Wasn't aware of being on the Mac Forum, just followed links & threads about my issue! :^ P



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