*Maybe* a memory leak issue under Lubuntu 16.04, how to verify it?

  • Hi, first post in here - I was a long-time Opera user until it switched to Blink along with other changes to become another inefficient Chrome clone. I've been using Vivaldi as my primary browser for maybe a year now.

    I keep switching between Windows and Linux all the time, and use Vivaldi on both. On Windows it rarely gives any issues - a website here and there, usually related with bad resources (video i.e.) handling by either the website or Vivaldi but it's so rare I never really got to investigate about that.

    On Linux (Lubuntu 16.04 64b) though, it's very frequent this scenario:

    1. open Vivaldi with no tabs open
    2. open/navigate through around 10-15 websites (usually lightweight ones, not very heavy on resources or anything) but trying to keep 5 tabs open at max, so always closing tabs I don't need open, etc;
    3. after around 2 hours Vivaldi is using 1.5GB-2GB RAM, even if I close all the tabs and keep only the start page (with speed dial, etc) open.
    4. If I close Vivaldi itself all that RAM is free. Then I reopen it right after that and it's regular RAM use again, back at #1.

    My question is: how can I test/verify/investigate on what could be causing that?

    This happens both on a natively installed Lubuntu and 2 VMs. One of those VMs was just recently setup, Vivaldi there has only two extensions (Session Buddy and AutoScroll) - which I'm guessing would not be the reason?


  • Is performance being affected?

  • Haven't been monitoring the memory usage of Vivaldi over time, but at the moment with half a dozen or so tabs open I'm seeing 1.5-2.0 Gb usage.
    The Vivaldi task manager (shift+Escape) may help you diagnose.
    This command also allows you to monitor the memory use of all Vivaldi processes.
    watch -d -n1 'ps -aux|awk '\''BEGIN{x=0;y=0;} /[v]ivaldi/{x=x+$4;y=y+$6} END{print(x"% Memory and "((y/1024)/1024)" Memory Size(GB)");}'\'''

  • I use Vivaldi on Linux Lite 3.2 x64, another ubuntu derivative. If I open maybe 18 tabs RAM usage will go to about 90% of my 6GB, and closing the tabs will not free any of it. As soon as Vivaldi is closed the memory is freed. Assuming that available RAM is shown as unused in the Linux task manager, we have a memory problem.

  • sometimes the memory leaks I can confirm it. once I was browsing androidpolice.com with only one tab, vivaldi filled up 6gb out of 8gb RAM and it filled up swap partition too

  • @CantankRus Thank you for the tips and sorry for my so late reply - some life issues.

    I'll keep an eye on the processes - if I see anything suspicious I'll report it around here.


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