Can you provide a customizable shell for the window chrome - like GWM in unix ?

  • GWM in unix had a customizable lisp based shell which paints the chrome. Just create primitives for the actions buttons can do and let the users create their own skin. Be it one line tool bar, two line tool bar, etc. leave it to the imagination of the creator. This would look so cool. Since it is not there in any other browser today, it would be a great way to augment Vivaldi. Here is the manual page I found on the web. Thanks. -blogmaniac

  • Vivaldi is already very customizable.
    It uses web technologies to display the UI, so a lot of things can be changed by just modifying a .css file (and for more complex customization involving the structure the bundle.js can be modified)
    Buttons can be hidden or repositioned, shapes and colors changed, animations added, etc, etc.
    The interface is just like any other web page.

    Here is one example, what can be accomplished:


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