[bug] V1.5 update broke automatic zoom

  • Just upgraded to version 1.5.658.44. I have my default webpage zoom as 80% and tab zoom enabled. When I open a new tab,it is on 100% zoom instead of 80%.

    Is there any way I can roll back to 1.4 while this is looked into?

    Edit: Resetting the zoom to 100% and then to 80%,unticking and reticking tab zoom and restarting the browser solved this.

  • Edit: Upon further testing,this issue still exists. It appears that the issue only ever occurs if you open a new tab and immediately,before it finishes loading,open a new tab. The second opened tab will have the correct zoom,the first one will not. This will also happen in streaks,as in,if you open 4 tabs in quick succession,only the last will have the correct zoom,while tabs #1-#3 will not.


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