Vivaldi vs. Vivaldi snapshot

  • Hi!

    Can anyone explain me difference between Vivaldi and Vivaldi (snapshot)?

  • Snapshots are testing builds, not stable or final software and not ready for the general public.

    They have the latest and greatest features, but are less polished, and may crash, or malfunction or cause corruption or data loss.
    Use at your own risk, they are more intended for testers and enthusiasts who don't mind the extra work, and are prepared for possible problems.

    For a daily driver use a stable official release, which is less likely to cause trouble.

  • I keep the stable version on hand "Just in case" but I haven't had to use it. So far the Snapshot version has been completely stable, at least on Arch. The biggest benefit is being able to get all the new features as they come out. Even with the stable version Vivaldi is developing at a pretty fast pace so there really isn't that long of a cycle between releases. Especially towards the end of the development cycle the Snapshot version will sometimes have two or three updates a week. I am a former Chromium user and I was constantly switching between Chromium and Chrome to avoid broken font rendering, but so far I have not had that problem at all with Vivaldi. The crew at Vivaldi is doing an incredible job. Much better than Google, with all their myriad resources, can manage. The only thing I really miss is syncing bookmarks and passwords, but that is coming "When it's ready". Viva Vivaldi!


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