One click is sometimes a double-click on tabs

  • Hey,

    I have faced (and still are) a strange behavior where I click to select one of my open tabs and the tab dissapears.
    I have the double-click to close action enabled and I believe most important - i do not click twice and my mouse is not double clicking either (it is CM Alcor). What I did notice is that this bug appears when I rapidly move the pointer over the tab and try to select it.

    note: the double click works as designed - closes the clicked tab, but super annoying is when I try to select one to activate and then it suddenly closes.

    this started to be the case after newest release, which in my case is 1.4.589.38.

    rig: asrock z77 pro4, CM Alcor plugged in into USB 2.0 with standard USB frequency and 400DPI selected.

  • @daronpl Have you tried another mouse? It could be a HW problem on your mouse button, really.

  • I do work with web & pc software on a daily basis. This was the first thing I have checed.
    Second thing I did - was Opera, my former browser which does not suffer from this.

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    @daronpl I'm trying to reproduce that behavior and I fail to... Though I'm using RAZER mouse and it has that double click feature built-in, so I never know whether I'm clicking something twice or if it's just the mouse itself. 😁

    If you're sure that this is a bug, report it here.

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    I think Vivaldi on certain hardware may be hypersensitive to dirty contacts and double clicks.

    When a mouse I was using started to go south on me, (multiple clicks on middle-click) Vivaldi was the only program in which it did it, and only on this machine. Other programs, even Vivaldi on other machines didn't do it. A new mouse here instantly solved the problem, and I moved the other mouse to another machine. It's possible Vivaldi could be made less sensitive to mouse irregularities just by adding a millisecond or two to the response time.

    User should try swapping out mouses with a different machine.

  • Did you try installing/updating your mouse drivers? Someone on Reddit had a somewhat similar issue and it worked.

  • I've got Lenovo mini mice next to me - will try that again.

    I noticed that it happens when I open new tab (with scroll) and then select it. It got instantly closed.

    I do believe that this response time you say might be the case. There is no issue with other software on my PC - literally NONE. Only Vivaldi reacts that way.

  • hello after long time.

    it might be that Vivaldi has quite high sensitivity on mouse gestures, however I can only confirm that my CM Storm mouse has buttons that have the issues with double-clicking.

    therefore you can consider this as 'explained' 😉


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