Automatic translation is missing

  • Beautiful, fast and a lot of functionality to the browser. But how to use it without translation sites? Pages? Most apps and extensions from Chrome does not work! Or do not want to work, as Vivaldi is Chromium. Why still no auto-translated pages? Due to the lack of interpreter sites all that is useful in the browser, zero! I wish he did not have a pretty interface, but had an excellent translator and speed! Thus, we can see that the browser Vivaldi - use is NOT POSSIBLE! It is not modified and it is not suitable for work on foreign sites. So he gives in and loses in all respects to Chrome and Mozilla. Begs the question to the developers: "Why reinvent the "wheel"?" There is already a Chrome and Vivaldi - it's a hybrid, in the old Opera! Attachments: [img][/img]

  • Moderator

    Not implemented yet. Why? Because the dev team has many tasks to do.

    if you need "Automatic translation " it all the time, please use Chrome.

  • Search "Translation" in extensions. There's a google ext there and I can vouch that it works.


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