Chromecast support - Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1.5.648.6

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    [quote=ruario]A[size=4]s requested by many of you, we have enabled Chromecast support directly within the browser and fixed a range of other, smaller issues. Enjoy your weekend and expect more from us next week![/size][/quote] [b]Known issues[/b] No macOS build: see the [url=]previous snapshot[/url] for details [b]Changelog[/b] [li][Regression] [URL] Ctrl+Enter address completion not working (VB-22477) [li][Regression] Double-clicking on the New Tab [+] icon maximizes browser (VB-22494) [li][Windows] [Installer] Clean up default associations for file types and protocols (VB-21603) [li][Delta] Updates always fail if a GPO prevents running executables in AppData: fix cannot be confirmed until the next update. (VB-22488) [li][Notes] Make buttons for adding URLs and images easier to understand (VB-21412) [li][URL field] selection sometimes changes on right-click (VB-22498) [li]Chromecast not working (VB-22168) [li]Mappable shortcut to toggle tab bar preview on and off Tab Thumbnail [li]Download progress doesn't span full panel width (VB-22491) [li]UI Zoom freezes Vivaldi when navigating Bookmarks and Notes Panels (VB-22358) [li]Users don't understand that the V icon is a clickable menu: further changes (VB-22166) [li]No autocomplete if prefixed with scheme e.g. http:/// (VB-22497) [li]Tab's thumbnail shouldn't be displayed when hovering the active tab (VB-14531) [li]Testing Y! search as the initial, default search engine (VB-22545)


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