Recovering accidentally deleted Bookmarks folder

  • Hi: In a moment of heroic clumsiness, I managed to delete a Bookmarks folder from my sidebar. Is there any way to recover it? It's not showing up in my Vivaldi trash. Is there some way to access it? Or retrieve it using Time Machine? I'm on an older version of Vivaldi (need to update) and an older OSX, if that makes any difference. Thanks in advance. Embarrassed.

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    If you have not restarted the browser, check your bookmarks.bak file. Copy it to another location, then close the browser, rename it "bookmarks" and replace the current bookmarks file with it. Hopefully, the deletion of the folder will not have been communicated to the .bak file yet.

  • Fabulous! Thank you!

  • Oh my budha. Thank you! So simple and useful! May you live in peace!

  • Thanks for your info, as i know , we don't need to worry any more ,
    due to there are lot of recovery software can get data back, Tunesbro can deal with the problem of data loss ,


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