[Tutorial] Installing any extension

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    Here's a small guide to install any extension in Vivaldi while we don't have official support. Some probably already know this, but for those who do not, here it is. [b]Requirement[/b]: A Chromium browser (like Opera or Chrome) Most here probably have Opera installed as well, so the requirement is probably not a problem. [ol][li]The first thing is to install the extensions you want in the other Chromium browser;[/li] [li]Now open the user directory for that Chromium Browser, for Opera in Windows it's /C:/Users/user/AppData/Roaming/Opera Software/Opera (Next/Developer)?/;[/li] [li]Open the Extensions directory;[/li] [li]Each directory inside is an extension, inside each directory you'll see directories with version numbers, inside them is the extension itself uncompressed (check the example image); [attachment=505]extensions.png[/attachment][/li] [li]Open Vivaldi, enter vivaldi://extensions in the address bar, tick Developer Mode in the opened page and click to load the extension uncompressed, now just navigate to the directories you found in previous step.[/li][/ol] Not all extensions will work, but it's already something. Attachments: [img]https://forum.vivaldi.net/uploads/attachments/15939/extensions.png[/img]

  • In yandex I can not do it: going to chrome://extension (vivaldi://extension do not exist) devs mde loading C:\Users\JOSE\AppData\Local\Yandex\YandexBrowser Alpha\Application\37.0.2062.12544\Extensions
    vivladi says NO to this file: external_extensions.json

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    Sorry, the address is vivaldi://extensions, I fixed in first post.

    You don't add the Extension folder, you must do for each of its subfolders, I included a image to explain step 4.

  • @An_dz: Thanks the guide. I use this way, too. But it's a bit annoying to search the proper folder via extension name. I used to search in *.json files in the Extension folder with Total Commander Find option. It would be more elegant to get the extensions directly from Chrome site. 🙂

    But of course, your way works fine.


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