Flip Clock for F11 gone bad

  • [url=https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/flip-clock/fgaokeglkoocgichbfeooojdcnklbijp]Flip Clock for F11[/url] is my old time favourite Clock browser extension, because of it's simplicity and it's elegance. I use it in classroom to project the clock during tests. This extension used to function very well within Vivaldi, just as it does in Chrome. But lately (is it 1.5.638.3 or maybe one earlier) things have taken a bad turn. The key-presses that are used to configure the clock are no longer interpreted well. Press "2" and the clock should toggle 12/24 hr format Press "Space" and the clock should cycle through a couple of date modes Press "F11" and the clock goes full screen. Pressing "2" no longer has any effect and hitting "Space" opens a new tab with another copy of Flip Clock. "F11" functions alright, obviously. This Chrome extension is quite old and the developer is long gone, but something has changed recently within Vivaldi that may be worthwhile looking into. The extension functions normally in the latest Chrome. My Details: Vivaldi 1.5.638.3 (Officiële build) (64-bits) Revisie 4347b6ce788c90e81c0c7e37d76b11e2a86eafeb Besturingssysteem Windows 10 (64-bits) JavaScript V8 5.4.500.31 Flash (Uitgeschakeld)

  • Oh, I did start with a new profile just to make sure nothing had gone bad in there

  • On another computer with Vivaldi 1.4.589.38 (64-bits) this extension responds as expected to the keys "2" and "space".
    Can it be that something has changed in the way keypresses are handled and forwarded to extensions?

  • Almost solved in Build 1.7.735.11
    Thank you very much

  • @S_Paternotte said in Flip Clock for F11 gone bad:

    Solved in Build 1.7.735.11
    Thank you very much

    Ha, I found a catch.
    The purpose of this Flip Clock extension is to make it full screen using F11
    In full screen mode (F11) pressing [space] or [2] does not have an effect.
    It would appear that passing key presses to the active extension is not yet functional in full screen mode (F11)

    (Almost there)

  • Update: 1.7.735.27 (Official build) (64-bits)

    Fickle behavour:
    I tried the extension Flip clock for F11 again to check if there was any further improvement.
    Pressing [SPACE] did not switch the display mode, but spawned new instances of the flip clock tab
    After closing all but the first instance, [space] and [2] keys functioned as they should.
    After switching full screen (F11) both keys were functioning as they should.

    BUT, after closing the Flip clock extension tab and restarting it, the key presses were not recognised any more, ever.
    Pressing [space] spawned new instances of the tab and pressing [2] didn't do a thing anymore.
    Many attempts to close and reopen the extension did not change anything for the better.

  • Vivaldi Translator

    I test the extension.
    Try to refresh/reload (Ctrl+R) the Flip Clock page instead close/reopen tab. All shortcuts work for me after I do that.
    At first open or fresh Flip Clock page, as you said, the shortcut didn't work.

  • Good find about the [ctrl][R] refresh.
    This reminds me of an issue with GeoGebra where the Exam mode goes bad because Vivaldi in fact generates a page refresh where it shouldn't.

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