Crash/Freeze when doing anything that involves message prompt..

  • First up.. quite excited to find this place.. long time Opera user from way back in the days when it was ad funded, and had kinda felt lost for a couple of years... Installed Vivaldi and i could nearly cry, notes back in the left side.. Clicked on the twitter feed, followed by Haavard.. hell, theres a name from the past.. but anyway.... Just installed the dev edition and having a bug thats also in the latest issue of chrome (but not in the latest opera dev) Anything that results in a message prompt is causing a freeze. For instance + removing extensions - entire browser freezes Anything on the web that involves a message prompt for example visit > Select "2015" and "Quarter One" (i know there is no data for 2015, Q1, both instances cause a message prompt and both cause a browser crash (using latest Vivaldi dev) as I say, this is also a bug in the latest chrome as well

  • FWIW no problem here with 32 bit Vivaldi 1.5.638.3 on Win 7 pro 64. Message prompt comes up and Vivaldi keeps working.

  • Weird

    Win 10 - Build 14931

    Vivaldi 1.5.638.3 (Official Build) (64-bit)
    Freezes on anything relating prompts, so removing extensions etc, aything with prompt/text popup

    Chrome 54.0.2840.59
    Same bug

    Chrome 55.0.2883.19 dev (64-bit) Dev

    Opera Dev 42.0.2374.0

    Ive seen a couple of other people report it on google pages but seems its not effecting everyone.

  • Ok, solved this problem myself 😃

    Problem was present in both Chrome 54 and Vivaldi 1.5 but not present in Opera 42

    Just updated Chrome to 55.0.2883 Dev and that fixed the problem in Chrome

    Fired up Vivaldi, problem also fixed there, so im assuming theres a shared dll or something somewhere

    So looks like the bug is/was specific to Chrome, but effecting Vivaldi (And so wouldnt be present if you didnt have that particular chrome version installed) im guessing.

  • Sounds reasonable. I don't have Chrome installed.


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