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  • Hello, First of all, this is a very good job to have again a opera 12 like, mail, rss and browser in the same browser. So I try Vivaldi on my websites And I have a first question, when using a website with popup detached, resized windows the vivaldi browser visualised the asked popup in a new tab. Is there a flag, somewhere, in a setting file may be, to enable popup's If yes, in which folder/filename? You will find a small website extract in the attached file pop_try_vivaldi.zip Just run index.html as usual and ask the gps popup windows (gps icon), it will open in a new tab instead A second question, can the vivaldi browser be installed in a specific folder? Not the classic C drive, it is a small ssd hd on my new pc, so I want to setup the vivaldi application on a other standard mechanical hd. Thanks in advance

  • This was one of the first things I noticed too. Here's a screenshot of firefox (left) and vivaldi (right). As far as I can tell, this is a plain old-fashioned javascript pop-up.

    Notice how you can even drag the pop-up outside the browser's main window. Firefox is not an MDI application. My hope is that Vivaldi will be able to do the same?

    I've made a test here: www.robotplanet.dk/f/vivaldi/popup_test.html

    PS: I'm using Windows 7, 64-bit, 8 GB ram, ATI graphics card, lots of free disk space.

  • I 3rd this issue our ticketing system has LOTS of popup's and it's annoying that we have to use a full tab to enter time or notes. Any flag to work around this issue?

  • @jeanb:

    A second question, can the vivaldi browser be installed in a specific folder?

    Just use the standalone option during the installation.

  • Just updated Vivaldi to (Developer Build) (32-bit) using Windows 7, 64-bit:

    Problem is still there.

  • @guineapig:

    Just updated Vivaldi to (Developer Build) (32-bit) using Windows 7, 64-bit:

    Problem is still there.

    That is now an "old" version.

    The current snapshot is Snapshot from https://vivaldi.net/blogs/teamblog/
    Press "Read More" to access the required version.

  • Yup, but still the very latest snapshot v.1.0.385.5 does NOT open any popups. Highly annoying for javascript MDI environments and webapps.

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    Yes, the bug is known and really annoying.

    I have told the Developer Team in bugtracker about this for current Snapshot.

  • Oh, just a quick status: I just updated Vivaldi to 1.0.435.42 (Official 1.0 Release) (32-bit) using Windows 7, 64-bit:

    Problem is still there.

  • Hello,

    I've just began to use vivaldi and I've the same problem with my version : 1.1.453.59 (Stable channel) (32 bits)

    It's not annoying at home but we have some applications at work that use popup and they are unusable with this bug…

    Thanks in advance 🙂

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    That is a wellknown and already reported bug.
    The bug is currently unfixed, even in internal last develoepr versions!

    Please, dont post every new user installing Vivaldi having this issue.
    It will not be fixed quicker. 😉

  • @Gwen-Dragon sorry for bumping the thread, but about a year has passed and this bug is still present in version 1.9. Also, I did something on my install that is now preventing even the popup-as-new-tab from loading. this makes it very hard to work on systems that rely on pop-ups.

    as that is the case with many corporate applications which are cloud-based today, this is an importang bug-fix.

    I will re-install my browser to clear this issue, but to colaborate with more details the only thing I remember changing this behaviour was "page options - content blocker". I disable it later but the popups stopped working after this.

    --> update: it seems it was just a session issue. closing and re-opening Vivaldi brought the tab-popup back to life. this still is an annoiance, but at least it is usable. thanks


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    Yes, the 1.9 does not have the bugfix.
    But in 1.10 Snapshot such JS generated "popup" open in a separate window.
    You can activate it with setting vivaldi://settings/appearance/


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