Windows are buggy with maximize/minimize

  • Hello, I'm on arch linux and I've been trying this browser for a while now. I love it, but there are problems with the windows. If I put a tab in a new window, it doesn't allow me to drag either window anymore. Also, if I drag another window on top of the browser, it goes on top of one screen and under another, unless I mess with the maximize/minimize buttons. Also, if I focus on one vivaldi window the other one will focus also.

  • what desktop environment are you running? do you have all the dependencies for the package? are you using the stable or snapshot version? in arch you build a version from the aur source code right? if so, there are threads for debugging compiled versions.

  • MATE. I believe so. 1.5.604.4 (Developer Build) dev (64-bit). I believe I used yaourt.

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    "Note: Packages often have a series of optional dependencies which are packages that provide additional functionality to the application, albeit not strictly required for running it. When installing a package, pacman will list its optional dependencies among the output messages, but they will not be found in pacman.log: use the pacman -Si command to view the optional dependencies of a package, together with short descriptions of their functionality.
    Warning: When installing packages in Arch, avoid refreshing the package list without upgrading the system (for example, when a package is no longer found in the official repositories). In practice, do not run pacman -Sy package_name instead of pacman -Syu package_name, as this could lead to dependency issues. See System maintenance#Partial upgrades are unsupported and BBS#89328.
    Installing specific packages
    To install a single package or list of packages (including dependencies), issue the following command:

    pacman -S package_name1 package_name2 …"_

    i recommend searching aur if that fails:

    problems might also be coming from x11 and not arch or vivaldi. wayland would probably be trickier. mate works on gtk. possibly better results with different DE toolkit, im not sure.

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    Try to update the snapshot to 1.5.648.6

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