• Very new to this browser. I want to be able to right click and open a tab, but have the original page still on top. At the moment, I right click/open tab and it goes to the new tab.

  • Moderator

    The ability get the new tab focused when you open it is unique to Vivaldi and pre-15 versions of Opera. Other browsers do not offer this ability. It's the way the function was originally invented. If you would rather have the new tab in the background, you can right-click and select "Open in Background Tab" (3rd option in the context menu). You can also middle-click, ctrl-click, or designate a mouse gesture to open in a new background tab. So there are four ways to get your background tab, and one to get the new tab in the foreground.

  • Hi, check middle mouse button or ctrl+left mouse button.

    Cheers, mib


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