Workarounds-ad block, incognito mode, userstyles etc

  • Vivaldi is music I've waited a long time to hear. There is -nothing major- wrong with this browser. (linux 64 bit only tested) Tip of the hat to the long suffering developers from an oldfart opera user from when it was v2.? in '96 or '97 WELL DONE. Thank you. === HINTS AND TIPS FOR THOSE WHO MIGHT be able to USE THEM I've had success with -Workarounds- for: - adblocking & stopping trackers - userstyles - incognito mode and custom useragent These are easy -with linux- as "Old school" methods all work: 1) No ads or trackers: 1a) Harvest the BLOCKED (red) site addresses from PRIVACY BADGER (on FF or CH) and add them to /etc/hosts 1b) copy ad blocking lines from your own custom ad blocking .css file (or lines from STYLISH) and place these into your own vivaldi .css filter here ... /opt/vivaldi/resources/vivaldi/user_files/ 2) INCOGNITO mode - 1 key stroke (2 seconds to execute) ~/.config/vivaldi/Default/ ... - Back up all the "Default" files (in case you make a mistake) - delete all "history" type files but keep all the bookmarks and user settings files and save them as "vivaldi-minimum" - make a simple script called something like JUNKBEGONE that will: a) delete ALL current default and any cache files b) copies back the saved "minimum" files c) create a 1 key macro to run JUNKBEGONE 3) CUSTOM USERAGENT string changes are made with any hex editor by OVERWRITING "nuls" onto the original useragent string in: /opt/vivaldi/vivaldi-bin Any other details like adding flash by installing "pepper" etc are all available with a little searching on this forum or duckduck === Thanks again to the "Opera addicts" (there is no cure for what you've got) 🙂

  • Thanks for the help but this involves more work than I can do! I need Vivaldi to support Ghostery and HTTPS Everywhere and Privacy Badger and ad blocking and important stuff like that. I don't want to be abused by advertisers and trackers.

  • Ouaou thanks!

    Actually it's not THAT much work.
    Look….the file /etc/host is a file that your OS visits first before it goes to your dns to find the ip.
    SO you "trick" them for all the ad urls to look them in the ip (nowhere)

    I couldnt find the urls that 2bit was proposing but i found the ready to be copied list here


    after you downloaded just copy all the lines and add them on your /etc/host file. (DO NOT delete the lines that there already there.

    of course since new add domain appear you will have to update the list. There is a way to do it automatically ( but i dont endorse it. (always check that all the ips are

    The css file is because...when you remove something from a website you break their "look" so (i quess) the css is there to fill the emptiness with default space. (i havent done it yet i havent experienced any problem yet).

    So first of all THANKS 2bits this might me the BEST way to remove ads form websites.
    Where can i found the urls you propose cause i read that they are not just for ads but for more privacy too.

  • Vivaldi goes support extensions, though installing them needs work. See multiple threads in this forum.


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