New features in Vivaldi

  • First of all a great thanks to all the team, very nice work 🙂 . I am an internet addict and i use for years Maxthon browser. But.... i'm moving to OSX next week and their version is far from being the PC version with all the features. A few things id like to see in next Vivaldi releases : (and sorry if its already in it ..) * Favorites bar * Ad blocker * Single click open link (with choice : same tab / new tab) * Site icon in tab *Online Sync (favs, notes, passwords,...) * Split screen * Save as : Image * Save video feature (like facebook or other sites) I certainly will revert with other things and wish you lot of luck .... DAN

  • The site icon does show in the tab for me, and I think split screen isn't necessary because snapping features (Oh yours moving to OSX).
    I think favorites are called bookmarks, and though I do not know if there is a top bar for it, there is a side bar for it (the top button on the panel), and as far as ad blocker, I think that is something that should not be built it, but you can use the version for Chrome: or
    The save a page as a static image is a good idea though.

  • Will give a try thx

  • I am just starting with vivaldi and so far i like what i see. But i do have a request though. I would like to see something like hover zoom in this browser. and also full screen for videos, because it wont go full screen on facebook. Other than that keep up the good work.

  • Great points mirivedan, ad like to add one: make tabs more visually bold and expressive, i can hardly see anything on tabs. Grey on white is just bad. My LCD is quite bright, though. But changing gamma/contrast didnt helped either.


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