Stable upgrades missing changelogs at all

  • I'm running vivaldi-stable on Debian and I like it. So on Sep 8 2016, there was the update to 1.4. I could find the changelog in the blog posts, so far so good [UPGRADE] vivaldi-stable:i386 1.3.551.38-1 -> 1.4.589.11-1 But since then I had 3 differrent minor ugrades Sep 12 2016 [UPGRADE] vivaldi-stable:i386 1.4.589.11-1 -> 1.4.589.15-1 Sep 19 2016 [UPGRADE] vivaldi-stable:i386 1.4.589.15-1 -> 1.4.589.21-1 and today Sep 22 2016 [UPGRADE] vivaldi-stable:i386 1.4.589.21-1 -> 1.4.589.29-1 For none of these I find a changelog or any reason why this minir upgrades happened. I don't doubt there are good reasons, but somehow I really would like to know them, 3 upgrades of a stable withing 10 days seems not very normal. I deliberately changed from snapshot to stable months ago cause there were too many ugrades to cope with. The deb-packages provide a changelog file, but this is meaningless and not very informational. [i]vivaldi-stable (1.4.589.29-1) stable; urgency=low * Build spec: * Release Notes:[/i] The first link gives a 404, the second one is just a link to the general startpage and no release notes. So it would be nice if there is any way to provide some meaningful information to users. 😉

  • They are obviously bug fixes because only the last part of the version number has changed. As for why they've released them in such a rapid succession, I have no idea. :S

  • From Windows :
    Version 1.4.589.11 was the "stable"
    The update to 1.4.589.29 had fixes for GPU + HTML5 Video problems. There was a Twitter post about this

    The two intermediate ones I didn't see on Windows !?
    But you're right., no "official" changelog.

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