Keyboard shortcut to auto-fill and submit form (remembered credentials)

  • One of my favourite features from the old Opera was logging in with just the keyboard. I wold let Opera remember my log in credentials on a certain page, and after that each time I return to that page, I could log in with just Ctrl+Enter. I couldn't find anything similar in Vivaldi. Is such a thing possible? Or would the kind developers consider adding it? While we're at it, another thing that bothers me in Vivaldi is that the remembered credentials are pre-filled in the form as soon as the page opens. The old Opera had those hidden until the Wand button or the previously mentioned shortcut were used. Can this be achieved in Vivaldi?

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    Press the Tab key a few times, hit the space bar to toggle the "Remember me" checkbox, then Tab and press Enter to log in. Why does showing your details worry you? The password is blanked out.


  • I'm aware of the work-arounds, but it just can't even compare to the comfort of pressing one Ctrl+Enter, as opposed to pressing Tab a dozen times (and the amount varies on each page btw) to cycle through the entire page and all the form fields and reach the Submit button.

    Further more, in a significant number of cases, this isn't even possible, due to the page structure. For example, some sites have the form hidden on page load and a mouse click is required to reveal it, whereas the old Opera's keyboard shortcut worked flawlessly even in those cases.

    In the end, I never said showing my details worries me. It doesn't. I just see it much more practical how it used to be in Opera 12. Especially in cases where multiple credentials were stored for the same url.


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