Cannot log in with Google at

  • Browser does not react when choosing option to log in to Duolingo with Google. Quite the obstacle when that is how you are registered with the site.

  • duolingo uses flash. that's a tad tricky in linux. duolingo offers advice at

  • Thanks for the info, that will help in the hunt. But I cannot see anything on their help page there re this issue or Flash in general - did you have a specific Q/A in mind?

  • this forum has many threads about microphone issues on duolingo. that's where i found it on duolingo website. look for pepper-flash plugin in linux. different for different linux versions. most guidance for ubuntu, different on different linux distros. i hate flash. i only use it in virtual machines- i set up one specifically for rosetta stone with flash. honestly, using smartphone flash would probably be easier.

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