Bookmark listing chaos

  • When opening the bookmark listing on the side bar I can choose the way they are displayed. Like most people (I suppose) I prefer to have them listed alphabetically by title, showing folders starting with A first and after all the folders are single bookmarks from A-Z and finally trash. That's the way they got sorted in Opera as well. When opening the bookmark listing via window (quick dial - bookmark - history) they are sorted differently: folders, single bookmarks and trash all thrown together and listed alphabetically. And finally when I want to bookmark an address and click the corresponding icon to the right of the address I get a confusing listing of folders which coincides with the so called "Eigene Sortierung" (own sorting) on the side bar. This sorting is also used in the settings window and the bookmarks bar. I don't know where this own sorting comes from, not from me for sure. I suppose it starts with a chronological listing that can be altered in the side bar or the bookmarks bar. In my opinion all three lists should be displayed the same way and preferably the user should be able to decide the way they are sorted. The settings window is of lesser importance because that settiing is hardly ever changed and bookmarking remembers the last folder used anyway. It might be useful to separate the bookmarks bar from the others. I could imagine people wanting to just have their most important or some special folders accessible. I suppose I am not the only one with bookmarks in daily use and others that are hardly ever used.


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