Whole Windowmanager Locks up when Dropdown is open and modal Dialog pops up

  • Hi, ich have a problem, which can be reproduced with the Backend of TYPO3 CMS and only occurs with Vivald: TYPO3 has drop down selector boxes in some input masks, which trigger a change of the GUI if the selection is changed. The user is prompted with a normal java script dialog box (Do you want to change the GUI? Ok / Cancel). When this happens my whole Window Manager (XFCE) locks up denying any input. I can only kill the X-Server (CTRL-ALT-BACKSPACE). I think the drop-down-selector-box keeps the mouse/keyboard focus but the dialog box disables all mouse interaction. It clearly works in CHROME an there the order of the actions seem to be: * dropdown open * select * dropdown close * trigger JS event -> open dialog In VIVALDI it looks more like: * dropdown open * select * trigger JS event -> open dialog * dropdown close (which is never reached) I mocked up a screenshot with Chrome of the locked up state (I can not capture the state with Vivaldi because ... you know... it's locked up) I currently use the workaround to change the selection with the keyboard. If I do so, the Drop-down-selector-box is not opened but the selection switches immediately to the next item. Thereby the Dialoge is triggered while the selector box is closed Does anybody know this problem? Attachments: [img]https://forum.vivaldi.net/uploads/attachments/42397/dropdown_dialog_lockup.gif[/img]


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