How to avoid navigating to previously viewed page when scrolling page horizontally (2-Finger swipe)

  • I'm often swiping with two fingers on my trackpad to move a wide spread sheet on Google Sheets from left to right and then from right to left. When I try to move the sheet back left to the beginning (using 2-Finger swipe, moving two fingers on my track to the right), I often swipe too much, so that the big arrow on the left side of the window appears which then often throws me back in history to my previously viewed page. This is annoying. I have tried to figure this out in Vivaldi settings but although there are sections for the mouse, etc, there is no section for the trackpad. Is there a way to limit 2-Finger swiping to only move the scrollbars and not invoke cycling through my browsing history? Thanks in advance for your help If it's not implemented yet, I suggest a new section in Vivaldi preferences, next to "Mouse" with the title "Trackpad." After all, the trend is away from the mouse, to a navigation by trackpad (at least on laptops). –Martin

  • To my knowledge, there is no way to disable "swipe for history back" in Vivaldi itself.

    What you could do, though, is change "System Preferences->Trackpad->More Gestures->Swipe between pages" to "Swipe with three fingers". Then two finger swipes will exclusively be used for scrolling, and history back/forward will be triggered with three finger swipes.

  • Thanks, this works 🙂

    Interestingly enough the arrow animation is then not shown when I swipe with 3 fingers to navigate history.

    Thanks again,


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