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  • Hello! Im experiencing a "cookie policy" message every time I log onto Facebook site. No matter if I look (check) upon that policies, it keeps bothering me every time. This problem is only appearing in Vivaldi, in other borwsers does not. I tried everything I can, but I didn't find any solution. What seems to be a problem? Any idea? Thanks in advance. Greatings, Igor Attachments: [img][/img]

  • Not even one idea, what to do about this? Apparently nobody is experiencing the same…Well, can at least any of FB users confirm, that you don't have any problem with that policiy after first and mandatory check on it? Seems to me, that there is catch in cookies. I erased them (for FB only) few times to see if that can solve thie isue, but there was no use of doing that at all.
    I also have a problem with FB header (toolbar). It should float on site, so you can manage things instantly, but in my case it disapears every time I scrool down. So I need to scrool up again to reach header. This problem I also have only in Vivaldi, in all other browsers header stays on top regardless of scrooling on site. I reported that bug to DEV crew, but....

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    You seem to have some unique problems, which I cannot replicate here. What sort of platform are you on? What security and privacy software do you run? Have you changed any cookie policies in Vivaldi?

  • I'm on W10 - 64 bit and I use no other security SW than Windows defender. I also didn't change anything regarding cookie policies in Vivaldi. Still accepting all of cookies. As I said before, I erased cookies for FB couple of times to see if that will affect the problem, but no use of that. On each new login, site keeps bothering me with cookie policy. Currently there is 13 cookies (FB) shown in privacy settings.
    The problem is not present all the time that I'm using Vivaldi, as I can recall, this happened by switching to 64 bit Vivaldi. Strange thing is, that Vivaldi version info data shows it is 64 bit version I'm running on now, but program itself isn't in in 64 bit program files folder, instead of that it is stored in x86 (32 bit software). Could that be a problem?

  • OK, I removed program from my computer and erased all of registry entries too. I just did a fresh install of 32 bit version Vivaldi. No difference regarding both problems, cookies policy and sticky header. After clicking on and navigating the cookie policy site, the notifications disapear and header was even floating on site as it should. But after log out and another log in, site bothers me again with policy, and header isn't floating anymore. Could it be that two isues are related? Man that sucks…I really don't know what to do more....
    Here is how it goes:
    1. I log onto FB.
    2. Site shows cookie policy notification.
    3. As recomended I click on policy and navigate on site.
    4. Than I move to my profile (or home) and check out regular content, in current sesion there isn't no policy notification no more and header is normaly floating on site.
    5. I log out and close browser (I don't even need to do that - no effect on problem).
    6. I open browser and log again.
    7. Cookie policy notification is here again! And header is not floating anymore....

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    What security and privacy software do you run?

  • @slocom:

    I use no other security SW than Windows defender

    Or there is something else on your mind?

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    Well, I'm running Vivaldi 32 on Win 10 X64, and cannot replicate your symptoms. My cookie behavior is completely as expected, and I don't get any cookie policy popup in facebook. Can't think what to recommend to you.

    One other question, perhaps - do you use any extensions?

  • Nope, I don't use any exstension, just standard plugins that comes with instalation.

    It looks like FB does not recognize (my) Vivaldi when loging in. Strange. But it does recognize all other browsers I have installed or used before.

    And I'm wondering why sticky header problem is happening along with this policy isue. Alegedly this has to do something with CSS for sticky headers. Don't ask me what, I'm not that familiar with it. 🙂

    Current cookie presence for FB (see attachment):

  • Well, afrer todays instalation FB doesn't recognize new device (aka browser). Security notice should be sent to me, as I erased list (entries for chrome dated on 6th june this year) of used devices. It lets me run on vivaldi, but what security info is showing is (see attachment):

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    Wow. Was your Recognized Devices list always that short? Mine's 50 items long (lots of different computers and browsers, dupes and retired cell phones)

  • This is current situation. I erased all of devices I do not use, and lately also chrome one, which represented Vivaldi (representig engine that runs on). I deleted it, because I wanted to see, if I'll get FB notification about new device after fresh instal of Vivaldi yesterday. Well, nothing happened.
    Are devices on your list with it displayed as Vivaldi, or is it chrome?

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    They are all called "chrome."

  • I have exactly the same problem. Besides FB there are also other sites that doesn't save cookies. Also have Windows 7 and Vivaldi x64 browser.

  • Through this time, I checked all that I could and all that I know, but things are as they were before. As well my friends are not using this browser and they're pretty skeptical about it, I cannot get any possible feedback from them. Piity is, that I'm also using Vivaldi less, due to mutilated functionality. I hope this will be solved in some reasonable time, till then Vivaldi will be my second choice. Still it is quite good browser. 🙂

  • Well, I did a comparison between FB cookies stored in FF and in Vivaldi. There are 13 of them in FF and 12 in Vivaldi. One that is missing in Vivaldi is named x-src. Could this be the reason for my problem? What does x-src stand for?

  • One more change that I noticed in saved cookies for FB. When I check the cookie policy after log in and everything is OK (in current session), there is one more cookie on the list: act (some sort of activation thing?). When I log out and then log in again, this cookie is no longer on list, and cookie policy shows up.
    This particular cookie also disapears if I close the browser without loging out of FB. After engaging the browser I'm still loged in, but cookie isn't present anymore.
    Strange thing is, that I don't have problems with cookie policy issue on no other site, just on FB.

  • Well, I finaly got solution to this problem. By complitelly uninstall the browser and registry entries, I cleared all of the data regarding Vivaldi. Then I performed a new install of browser and loged in normally to FB, I also confirmed cookie policies again. When I log out, there was a notification with my profile picture to log in again (I must say, I have never been offered to this before). So, for the next time, I just have to click on icon with that picture and log in with saved password. It works as it should! But notice that If I try to log in via "usual" way - upper right E-mail and password box, the cookie policy is still there. But nevermind, while "new" way to log in from profile picture is working just fine, I'm good with it.
    Maybe this will help someone with similar problem.

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