• When searching with google, I get an "imitation" google result page. The results are individually boxed, and there is no holiday artwork. Just the standard google logo. The link the logo provides is Results are normal when I use a private window or another browser. Is this a hijack or is it normal for Vivaldi searches?

  • Moderator

    May be you use some extensions or your antivirus does some bad filtering.

    For me all is fine with 1.3 Final and 1.4 Snapshots.
    Which Vivaldi version do you use with which Windows?

  • I am using the latest snapshot. I removed all extensions except RES and Ghostery.

  • The same here. It seems it starts to load the page (bookmarks, search etc.), but then it redirects to AdBlock Popup Blocker for Chrome from in Google Play.
    In private mode and with other browser everything works fine.
    I use the latest Vivaldi 1.4.589.2 with Windows 10.

    Now it works fine again.(09/09/2016)


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