[FIXED] Major bug while updating. Broken unicode support. Installed into wrong folder.

  • Hi! I had Vivaldi installed in "d:\Programok\Böngésző\Vivaldi", the "update" was installed in "d:\Programok\B￶ng←sz￵\Vivaldi" So now I have two instances. Even worse that I had set vivaldi to be portable with the stp.viv (with "..." in it) file. So the new version spammed an unwanted profile folder too, as well a second instance. I expect these sort of failures from programs from the eighties...

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    That should be fixed in current Snapshot!
    Please download from https://vivaldi.net/en-US/teamblog/149-snapshot-1-4-589-2-vivaldi-1-4rc-1 and install by hand.

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    I expect these sort of failures from programs from the eighties…

    Oh, dont expect bugless programs.

    Haha, in the 80s there were no browsers like Vivaldi, my dear. Not even Netscape or Mosaic. The WWW was not invented. The only thing we could do is: browsing thru mailboxes like FIDOnet with verrrryyy slooooow modems. or we could surf with telnet programs to GOPHER pages.
    Long ago …. 😉

    Yes, you are right, that should not happen.
    But programmers are living persons, making mistakes.

    I apologize for your struggle with the installing process. That is all i could do.

  • Well, unicode is not a new thing either. And it always annoys me when such a basic thing like files and folder names don't work. My other "favorite" is when programs can't handle spaces in the path…

    (I swear if I ever were to create a programming language I would call it "Ű" an use the file extension ".ű" And every environment/software/app/developer/etc that doesn't support proper unicode can go f*ck themselves)

  • It worked with the latest dev updated so I guess it's fixed.


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