Error while extracting installer archive - again and again…

  • Hello I'm just wondering if anyone else met same problem as I... :blink: When I download installer of new snapshot and run it in about 30% of cases I got [b]"error while extracting archive..."[/b] error after first run Sometimes I got this error after second run. In really rare cases I got this error after third run But when I just keep trying starting same executable installer suddenly it starts working properly There is no difference if I use autoupgrader or download installer from website with IE [b]The exe file is not corrupted[/b] It looks just like totally random thing No - I don't think it's a matter of any third parity software I am using it on my test machine which has a nearly clean installation of Win 2008 R2 x64 [b]No - it's not AV software. Nor any malware scanner[/b] Problem happens whether I run installer as administrator or not. This is not the thing that prevents me from installing Vivaldi but it just keeps annoying me 😉 If anyone from dev team can tell me how to generate any useful logs / data I'd like to try and provide some context... Thanks for any clues 😉 Regards P.

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    Have never seen anything like this. Perhaps someone else has.


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