• Hiding the user option of turning off camera, mic, javascript by clicking an icon within address bar is NOT really helpful when you can't find it in the general settings panel initially! Also, hiding others with vivaldi://flags (like trying to turn OFF webrtc support, etc) isn't helpful to those who DON'T know it even exists. Privacy FAILS on the following websites: even Opera 12, with some tweaks, manages to pass MORE on the website and divulge less! (to name but a few of the miriad / plethora of websites willing and helpful to help an user shore up their privacy within ANY browser)

  • Context: I'm NOT cavalier about my web security, quite the opposite. I've made various posts herein historically to request V security improvements. That said, your concerns seem slightly exaggerated IMO. Here's results i obtained from some of those linked sites you gave.
    Is your browser blocking tracking ads? ✓ yes
    Is your browser blocking invisible trackers? ✓ yes
    Does your browser unblock 3rd parties that promise to honor Do Not Track? ✗ no
    Does your browser protect from fingerprinting? ✗
    your browser has a unique fingerprint

    My comment: the first 3 test results seem pretty acceptable to me. The 4th is a problem, which many others & i have previously posted about historically, & which i trust V Devs will remedy in due course.
    Your local IP addresses:
    Your public IP addresses:

    My comment: these results seem pretty damn fine to me.
    I don't really understand how i'm supposed to engage with this site [it seems a bit chaotic], but i tried its link to detect my recent site visits. It was [same as EVERY time i've tested that in past months in V] 100% wrong. It listed a lot of sites that i have not visited, & indeed never visit. It listed NIL of my actual visited sites.

    My comment: these results seem pretty damn fine to me.
    It correctly detected… my VPN's current IP Address & server location, NOT mine. Had i not been using a VPN i presume it would have detected my ISP's details... which is EXACTLY [one of the reasons] why i use a VPN.

    My comment: these results seem pretty damn fine to me.

    Caveat: I DO know of & use the Flags settings, & i DO use some specific security/privacy Extensions, so i concede it's possible V might have performed more unacceptably in these tests if i was running it virginally. I'd opine however that pretty much all, or at least most, other browsers would also be too "chatty", if i ran them naked too… but i don't, & nobody should.

    My on-SSD OS = Linux Mint x64 17.3 KDE 4.14.2.
    V = 1.3.582.3 (Developer Build) dev (64-bit)

  • I'm NOT talking about vivaldi://flags (which are experimental), I'm talking about other settings that you can only access either by clicking the icon of the left of the address bar (which someone WOULDN'T do automatically when trying to access privacy and browser settings), or by putting this local browser url into the vivaldi browser: chrome://settings/search#c
    I mean, if you didn't know about these 'shortcuts' to daft 'hidden' settings, almost like a dappy easter-egg hunt, how would the average user know how to find them and give them the option to either leave them ON for ALL websites, or OFF for ALL websites, or an mixture of the two!

    This is also good for checking for webrtc:

    re: this website:

    I find the info on there quite informative and goes towards helping people realise that when they think they're browsing might be private, even in so-called protected/private mode, it isn't!

    with regard this website:

    Did you also click start and let the test(s) run?

    Quite a lot revealed before (AND after any tweaks the user can do), don't you think?

    This ones quite useful also, for anyone wanting to test their browser of choice:

    Some user's don't ever install extensions, so what about these users who MAY think their browser MAY be protecting their data when they are browsing online or making an banking payment or shopping or whatever, without their browsing habits or personal details being divulged?

    Like I said elsewhere, it's all very well browser bundling their latest versions with cutting-bleeding-edge stuff, but it just adds to the bloat, slows webpages sometimes, doesn't inform the user of the benefits or pitfalls of these 'latest' browser 'tricks' or sometimes doesn't offer an option for the user, if they so desired, to even turn the stuff OFF!

    Now, if Vivaldi wants to be different, it could stop 'hiding' user preference options (turning off mic, camera) within the main general settings panel, instead of 'hiding' them, give users better control of turning cutting-bleeding-edge stuff OFF or ON if they want to, without delving deep within the browser, and try to UP the privacy, otherwise, I'm afraid, at the moment, it's just another clone of chrome! sadly, nothing special!

    with regard detection of websites you say you've never visited, ever heard of link prefetching/prelinking, dns-prefetch, TCP preconnect, prerender or pingback, or even mixed-content? I bet your browser, (whichever one the user choses), has!

    I'm NO fanboy of any one particular browser, not even Opera 12, which I mentioned, they ALL have their benefits and pitfalls, but PLEASE browser makers, PLEASE plug these 'holes', give users better options - DON'T hide them, because some of us care a little more than whether tabs can be stacked vertically or horizontally within an browser. Thanks.

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    Steffie, you seem to be taking it personally, or I could be wrong?

    You have a very bad attitude. Steffie obviously made a serious effort to follow up your links and investigate the issue. Instead of ranting and shouting about your pet issue, just politely request improvements after pointing out what you think are the most important issues.

    Every complex software I have ever used hides some settings from novice users for good reason. Other browsers even give dire warnings about changing settings that one does not understand.

    Those like you who do care about privacy can find what they need. The average user really doesn't care, and trusts the developers to take care of any outstanding issues in due course. Vivaldi is developed by Jon von Tetzchner, who surely knows and cares about browser privacy.

    Just one more issue among thousands. Personally, I care more about having email and customisation than I do about privacy. I don't need to hide my activities from the FBI.

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    Privacy will continue to improve over time in Vivaldi. Due to the advertising revenue model, it is unlikely to ever be perfect without some concerted effort on the part of the user.

    That said, it is instructive to note that privacy is a complete non-issue to the vast, vast majority of the browsing public. To privacy/security geeks it is a life and death matter, but to a small development team, time spent on it that could otherwise go to overall usability and user-friendliness is money lost.

    So Jon cares about these things. But first he cares about keeping the project alive.

  • Nothing to do with hiding from the FBI I'm afraid. Oh Dear!

    But thanks, Pesala, for suggesting I have quote: You have a very bad attitude.
    I do like it when fanboys demean other's opinons that don't suit theirs.
    I have removed the line that may have caused offence, and certainly no offence was meant by me, personally, I assure you.

  • @Ayespy:

    Due to the advertising revenue model, it is unlikely to ever be perfect without some concerted effort on the part of the user.

    What do you mean?

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    Vivaldi makes money by selling bookmarks, and by being the identifiable source of clicks on the sites of search engines and advertisers.

  • @Ayespy:

    Vivaldi makes money by selling bookmarks, and by being the identifiable source of clicks on the sites of search engines and advertisers.

    Wait a minute. Are you saying Vivaldi is selling OUR bookmarks ?

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    No. They are selling bookmark placement to the companies whose bookmarks pre-populate Vivaldi when you install it.

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    Vivaldi does not know your bookmarks and Vivaldi Technologies respects privacy!
    And it does not sell your data!

    Vivaldi Technologies gets money from companies and searchengines by adding bookmarks from these companies in Vivaldi browser after first install.

  • Maybe a security hole can be, not in the browser, but in the forum and webmail.
    To give the nick used in the forum as the default name to the webmail address (, convert the forum itself into a public directory of all mail accounts


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