Testing report

  • Hi, i have tested Vivaldi for 1 week so i can report the issues now that you could fix. 1. Problems with flash player I couldn't fix issues with flash player, videos worked only on YouTube but even there sometimes flash player crashed so i suggest better flash player support for browser 2. It is slow and it lags like old opera If i understood right Vivaldi was suposed to be what opera should be before they went chromium. Well it kinda is, it is slow and lags. 3. Ctrl-Q doesn't work always There were a few times that quick search (i like the idea) didn't work even open 4. Absolute paths in downloads I don't want to see an absolute path to the file in downloads, i just want file name 5. Browser tab alerts Some websites have a browser tab alert, that means that even if you are on other website you see in first websites tab that something has happened, like Facebook and when someone sends you message and you can see it in tab. Well they don't work right in Vivaldi Personally i think this browser can go a long way. Ideas are good and if you keep up good work i'm sure those bugs will disapear too. I liked old opera, i used it for while but it was buggy and sometimes slow. I hope my report helps with development of this browser and I think it will be great once you get rid off bugs.


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