How can i import bookmarks from firefox/waterfox ?

  • The subject/ topic whaterver you want to call it says all. I would like to replace waterfox with vivaldi, since i hate the new "chrome" look in waterfox, and i'd like to import my bookmarks from it, but don't know how. If someone would answer this i'd be very happy 🙂 Also, is there a mobile vivaldi coming sometime?

  • Right now in the current version of Vivaldi which is a tech preview it seems you can only actually import from Internet Explorer and Opera (although I am sure they'll add the option for other browsers in the next releases) but what you can do is in Firefox export your bookmarks/favorites as a HTML file and import them into Vivaldi via that HTML file. Menu/and or File > import data and then select the bookmarks HTML file option from the drop down and navigate to and select the HTML bookmark file.

  • Hmm. I installed Vivaldi as a portable version and it imported my Firefox bookmarks from that user account perfectly via Vivaldi's File > Import Data > From: select Mozilla Firefox, then check the data types you want imported (bookmarks). My bookmarks (which are many and complex in terms of foldering and sub-foldering) came in 100% intact. Then I placed a Vivaldi shortcut on the desktop in a different user account, and was able to import the FF bookmarks perfectly in the same way from that user account as well, ending up with all the bookmarks together from both user accounts. I thought it was rather impressive… 😉

  • Thanks for the answers 🙂 Going to try that out now.


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