Mac OS X Forward and Back Apple Magic mouse gestures.

  • Please add support for Forward and Back Apple magic mouse gestures. I really missing it.

  • BACK - or swipe left works to the extent that it is a nuisance because swipe right does not get you back.

    Please: Be careful with the gestures, some love them, I hate them and would like an option to drop it all (also in the System Preferences)

  • Yes - i found it.
    looks it should work within left black area, but right now i have an exception.

    It is not comfortable to use. But i'd like also standard opera mouse gestures works. Like right-down-left and so on not only within left panel but for whole window.

  • Hi there,

    Coming back to this post, has anything changed re support for Apple Magic Mouse and Trackpad support?

    As far as I checked, the browser has yet to support the 'go back/further' function, and most importantly, zoom in/zoom out function.


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