We transfer download DOES NOT WORK

  • Hi guys. I had to download some files today, sent through wetransfer. I clicked the link and chose "save as" and then set the location for the file. I did it for each file. Vivaldi showed download panel with the files on it BUT NO FILE HAS BEEN DOWNLOADED. It (vivaldi) behaved as if it would donload those files but it did not. At the same time Firefox did the job with no pronlems - so it means it was not the files or wetransfer problem.

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    Do your downloads with Vivaldi normally work?

    If you have Vivaldi set to "always download to default destination" but you have not default folder set, it can actually download files to the Vivaldi folder. Did you right-click on the file shown in the Vivaldi download panel and select "Open Containing Folder" to see where it was?

    So far, each download problem I have come across has turned out to be a settings problem.

  • This has something to do with the internet connection. Check the network first, then restore Vivaldi browser. this should fix the problem.

  • You can try some other file transfer tools


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