Unable to click the links sometimes.

  • Hello everyone, this is my first post here, so thanks in advance to everyone who'll answer with a welcome message. Now, onto the main topic of this post: I'm having this weird bug with Vivaldi for the last week or something like that. Sometimes, when I click a link on a page, Vivaldi doesn't "register" my clicks. Left click, right click, mouse wheel click, doesn't matter. It simply does nothing when I click. It has a temporary workaround though, when you randomly right click a few times on somewhere on the page with no links, right click menu pops up after a few clicks and the issue is temporarily resolved. the worst part is that it relapses time and time again as I use my browser, usually once a few minutes if I surf the internet normally(or less often if I watch a video but that's because I simply watch it instead of clicking around, heheh). That's basically my issue. Now, some additional info: My current extensions and plugins don't matter, simply disabling all of them didn't work at all. My Vivaldi version surprisingly doesn't matter too, as this issue has persisted through my update to 1.3(stable channel) as it started sometime when I had 1.2.(forgot). No issues at any other apps, or generally Windows. Even Firefox doesn't give me that issue. Tried to remove browser data, didn't work. Also tried to reset profile by renaming the profile folder and then restoring settings, tabs, bookmarks and cookies via copy/pasting them manually from the renamed profile also didn't work. Tried searching the net in the hopes that maybe, someone somehow got the same problem and solved it, including this forum, but that didn't work either. This is like my last resort for trying to get help about this without reinstalling windows or changing my browser, because vivaldi really is a good browser that has the exact features I need and it's too much of a bother to reinstall/restore all that stuff when I reinstall windows. Can someone help me please? Thank you.

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    If browser functioning is broken by an extension or extensions, the problem will often persist even with all extensions "disabled."

    Your specific complaint has not been seen before and can't be replicated. Hence, I recommend you refresh your profile. If that fixes it, re-add your extensions one at a time to see if a particular one of them triggers the problem again.

  • @Ayespy, would it not better to add a sticky thread for "refresh your profile", this question/hint is so often needed.
    @thesingular, sorry for of topic.

    Cheers, mib

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    Probably - though I don't know how many people would find it on their own. I suppose I need to store syntax to link it in a text file, along with some others.

    Full Reset of Vivaldi is actually a Help topic, too, but it tells you to delete the folder. I guess I should do it.

    Edit: There. I did it.

  • Thank you Ayespy, bookmarked for next user. 🙂

    Cheers, mib

  • I did that profile reset thing before you posted that message(I also stated so in my first message), but I totally missed the part about not copying anything about extensions… Going to retry without it.

  • @mib2berlin:

    Thank you Ayespy, bookmarked for next user. 🙂

    Cheers, mib

    Notes feature works well for this sort of thing as you can include text for your own info 😎

  • Right now I did the profile reset just as it was explained, and I have NO extensions installed, the issue persists… 😞

    New findings about this: when it happens on gmail, the e-mail I want to read instead gets selected and somehow it's treated like a click and drag action. But the same doesn't apply to the links I want to click when I search on google.com .
    Also, when my mouse cursor happens to be on the tab bar when this bug happens, the preview for the tab(or tabs in a tab stack) my mouse cursor was on at that time appears and simply doesn't go away until I do my "temporary workaround".

  • As you mentioned google, could it be similar to this problem?

  • Might be but I have no apps installed on Vivaldi, apart from the two uninstallable apps, Web Store and Vivaldi itself. Anyways, based on that problem, I've disabled desktop notifications and removed all exceptions as a precaution, I'll wait and see if this works.

    Edit: Nevermind, it didn't.

  • What is Web Store?
    Or are you referring to the Windows OS Store App, which is nothing to do with Vivaldi.

    If it is some kind of focus stealing; then I don't think there is solution at the moment apart from stopping the background app, which may or may not be possible, depending on the app/extension.

  • I'm talking about the link to the chrome web store at vivaldi://apps
    There's also a vivaldi icon there and both are unremovable.

  • OK.
    I was thinking more of extensions (such as Google Hang out etc) which are active on a background Tab and so can steal focus from current tab.

  • Switched to 64 bit version of vivaldi, did a malware scan(found 3 adware?) but issue still persists.
    Edit: Resetted profile again just a bit ago, restored ONLY bookmarks and current session. and manually set my settings back to how I liked to use it.

    More edit: So far I didn't encounter the issue, but it's too early for me to say that it's resolved yet. However, if I don't encounter the issue again tomorrow, I'll post my settings file from my old profile here for analysis purposes, as it's the most likely cause of my problem right now.
    Yet another edit: I have my extensions back right now, all of them. No issue so far.

  • Well, I still didn't get the issue so far so I'M going to consider this resolved. The culprit was something in my settings file, but I don't know what exactly was it.

  • I have this problem to, in webmail.
    When trying to click on a (preview) linked subject text, sometimes nothing happens.
    Like I would have a printscreen in front of me.

    I need to click somewhere else in webmail (eg. Trash) and then come back. Or refresh a page.

  • Well, I'M not sure that your problem is exactly same as mine because you say it happens in webmail. Mine could happen at any sort of webpage and sometimes the mouse click would be a mouse click&hold, in gmail for example(but not in google.com). Also, I needed several clicks for it to be back to normal. You can still try deleting your Preferences file in your profile(WARNING: This will delete all of your settings and restore them to their default once you do that) but since your problem is not exactly the same as mine, it might not work. Heck, sometimes people have the same problem for different reasons so I wouldn't be sure of it even if our problems were exactly the same.


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