Bookmark bar move

  • hi, Just instaled vivaldi and... Because i like to use fast click bookmark bar without using 100% width of screen i made this simple css for future use. Bookmark bar moved to left side of navigation bar and restricted to fixed width. Folders works aswell. bar and buttons with transparent background because default was unpleasent for UI (darker than accent color) [code] /top-left bookmark bar/ .toolbar.toolbar-addressbar{ padding-left: 460px; } .bookmark-bar{ position: absolute; height: 35px; width: 460px; background-color: transparent; } .bookmark-bar button{ background-color: transparent; } [/code] this is how it looks like: [img][/img] Second thing is bug i noticed with dropdown menu - actually you cant right click and delete like normaly you should. Instead right click opens selected site in new tab. To remove bookmark located in dropdown you have to navigate in to bookmark sidepanel or bookmark speed dial screen and delete them from there. Same thing with folders - to menage them you have to open side panel, or speed dial bookmarks screen. [img][/img]


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