Possible serious bug with vBulletin?

  • For the past two weeks I've had some strange issues that I think may be Vivaldi-related, but I can't really be sure as it happens so rarely and so randomly that it may be coincidence that it always has happened when I've been using vBulletin-boards in Vivaldi. What'll happen is after I click a link, reply-button or anything else, the browser just locks up. Then my whole machine follows and I have to do a hard reboot of the machine to get it back up and running. It's like the whole machine just slowly grinds to a halt - if I hit ctrl-alt-del right after it happens, I'll get the task manager up, but that'll also stop working shortly after. As it happens very infrequently (I can be on my machine for hours with no issues) I can't be sure it's Vivaldi-related, but every time it has happened, I have been browsing one of two vBulletin-boards that I regularly visit. I play games for hours and have not had the same thing happen and also it has never happened when my machine has been idling without being used for hours. Just throwing this out I guess in case anyone else have had something similar happen lately and maybe not linked it to Vivaldi, as it happens so rarely and it's not really a very 'browser-typical'-issue. Edit: I'm on Win10.

  • I suspect you're using the 64-bit of the browser. Try the 32-bit cuz I never had any problem with any forum platform, vBulletin included. I spend hours on AtheistForums.com which is a vBulletin forum and for the nearly 2 years of membership never had a single problem with that platform. But I've always used 32-bit browsers - first Firefox, now Vivaldi.
    I know that a 64-bit browser sounds tempting but given Vivaldi is still in beta stage and that the developers recommend the use of the 32-bit, I'll stick with it until they release a stable 64-bit version. I already tried the 64-bit Vivaldi and it behaved weird on many pages, so I returned to the 32-bit version.

  • Hmm - yes, I'm using the 64-bit version. Never had any issues with it so didn't really consider that. I'll try the 32-bit and see if that helps - thanks.


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