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  • Hi all. From my experiments, I found that there's absolutely no way to add custom CSS rules for websites in current Vivaldi version. Adding styles to resources\vivaldi\style\common.css does not apply them to web content, only to browser UI. Styles in resources\vivaldi\user_files need to be applied manually each time you visit the page. All of Chrome's CSS extensions simply don't work: Adding a style in them, appying this style, and browsing CSS attributes of affected item on a page, I found this: [attachment=4170]Capture.PNG[/attachment] Setting modified through extension is ignored and overriden by initial webpage CSS. Is there some way around it, to forcefully apply MY CSS settings instead of webpage's? From my POV, disability to fix some of very annoying web CSS is a serious browser drawback... Like, every other browser can do it, either through local css files or extensions/addons. Vivaldi can't 😞 Attachments: [img][/img]

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    Use the extension Stylish.
    That works fine.

  • @Gwen-Dragon:

    Use the extension Stylish.
    That works fine.

    I tried "Stylish", "User CSS", and "Stylebot".
    All of them don't work for me - see attached screenshot from previous post. Custom CSS lines are overridden by initial website's CSS.

    Though after second try, 'User CSS' did work. Slow as hell though and CSS is applied in process of loading the page. Some kind of disturbing flicker until page finishes loading, Palemoon didn't have this problem

  • I don't have problems with Stylish either, you may want to try reinstalling Vivaldi; if there is still flicker after you disable the extension, that's a Vivaldi problem, meaning you should update your Vivaldi.

  • In the end, I believe restarting Vivaldi helped fix my problem with css-modifying extensions.
    Both Stylish and User CSS work now.
    Guess I got too used to other chrome-based browsers which require only closing and re-opening a tab to activate newly installed extensions.
    Still, page loads fully before user CSS kicks in and modifies the elements. Maybe that's a limitation of webkit engine

  • Yeah, about the page loading, Stylish adds the CSS as HTML elements when the page finishes loading. (Also, I didn't have to restart when I installed Stylish, maybe it's a glitch/bug with your specific version?)


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