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  • I changed the favicon on one of my sites. After a Ctrl+F5, bookmarks, speed dials, all seem to pick it up but the actual tab display of the web page. And consequently, the automatic background color is wrong, too. The problems stays after many restarts, it's not an intermittent problem. Clearing the Favicons database doesn't help, either.

  • I have the same problem and have been waiting to see if anyone suggests a fix for this. Have you solved it, or should it be posted as a bug?

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    Please give me a URL to test it.

  • @Gwen-Dragon
    Thanks for your offer to help.

    You could try looking at http://www.oxfordplane.co.uk. But you'll surely get the new favicon (which is the two letters WL in green). Previously it was two letters TG in blue. The favicon.ico was changed about a week ago. If I look with another browser, the WL appears, With Vivaldi, if I bookmark it, the new WL appears, but no matter what I do, I cannot get it to change on the tab display!

    Here's a screen capture of the browser html showing the favicon on the tab and with the correct url - but there appears to be no way to refresh it to the one on the server - the old one must be saved somewhere in the Vivaldi databases.

    0_1479207750404_vivaldi_2016-11-15_11-00-43.jpg image url)

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    Your favicon is retrieved from http://www.oxfordplane.co.uk/favicon.ico
    But your server sends wrong mime-type: text/plain.
    It should be image/x-icon

    Please read https://theksmith.com/software/howto-website-icons-browsersdevices-favicon-apple-touch-icon-etc/

  • @Gwen-Dragon

    I've not usually had to include a <link.. element in the HTML header - normally all works well just leaving the favicon.ico file on the base directory of the site - and does so with other browsers.

    However to test again, I've just added:
    <link rel="shortcut icon" type="image/x-icon" href="/favicon.ico" />
    to the <head> element (I have tried this before and if I use /favicon.ico?v=2, as per recommendations, for example, on: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2208933/how-do-i-force-a-favicon-refresh
    it will change on the tab, but when I remove the ?v=2 or remove the whole <link> element, the old TG image re-appears!

    But refreshing the page (ctrl-F5, ctrl-R etc) - even closing the browser and re-starting, or even uploading the latest snapshot (yesterday), the icon showing on the tab is the old one.

    The new favicon is correct on bookmarks and on the browsing history (even on the entries which were before the icon was changed).

    There's surely something hidden in Vivaldi's database - and I've even tried zapping the whole favicon table to no avail. It must be in some other cache.

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    @Broomass I can reproduce this on my own page.
    I will as a Vivaldi developer why this happens.

    Reported as bug: VB-23263 "Tab icons cached too long"

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