Anyone still clinging to Maxthon? Read this!

  • I figured i'd post this here, since I'm sure that I'm not the only one who hopped onto Maxthon after Opera 12 became untenable. I had been using it for a while, waiting for a handful of features while planning to switch sooner or later to Vivaldi. Looks like I'm switching right now. A Polish company today released a scathing report on Maxthon, revealing damning evidence that the browser sends extremely sensitive information back to Bejing, ostensibly as part of the UEIP program. However, this data is collected in full and sent even if the user has opted out. This data includes [b]all browsing history and search queries[/b] and is sent via an unencrypted channel that could be trivially intercepted. Maxthon has essentially ignored all requests for comment on this issue. You can read the report here: So, if anyone was like me - still using Maxthon while following the development of Vivaldi - I think now is the time to switch.

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    As for me, I am still using Opera 12.17 (not even upgraded to 12.18 as it prevents me visiting my favourite forums).

    Privacy is an important issue, for which Opera has a pretty good reputation. The new Opera version also looks good in that respect.

  • The new Chinese Opera will follow Maxthon's lead.

    IE Spartan probably does the same thing since Windows 10 is Pure SpyWare!

  • Why hasn't anyone bothered to post the reply from Maxthon and the change since?


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