Windows 93

  • A fictitious Windows 93 in your browser (not very serious, but fully functional), full of applications and games (there's even a Wolfenstein 3D, is called Castle GAFA). Nor to miss the Star Wars. avi (Episode IV full ASCII character XD). Very good to have a fun time :cheer: [img][/img]

  • MS should have done this. They should have redesigned Windows, not only the desktop, but the entire system - and left it for the user to decide. But they went "New Technology" and kept the strange C:\ and D:'s alive. So many engineers not to find where the disk shall be mounted? And they still tell us, that sky drive is the future?

  • Probably the author missed Calmira (and Calmira XP)

    It was (and IS) a fully working GUI replacement for Win 3.x which implements many of the Win 9x and XP features on Win 3.x series


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