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  • Hi All, Got recommended Vivaldi by a friend but all I've been complaining about is the lack of support for extensions etc, I know that this is coming in the future which is great! But for the time being, anyone looking for Adblock can download it and add it to their Vivaldi by downloading it from the official website here: [b]Please ensure that you type [i]chrome://extensions[/i] in the address bar to confirm that you have it installed and also tick the [u]Allow in Incognito [/u]to ensure that it works on every page as without this ticked, I found some pages that it dosen't cover. (See Attached Image)[/b] Hope that somebody didn't work this out before me and if they did, I apologize for the repetition and re post if you already know about it. Loving the Browser, Keep up the work! Toby Attachments: [img][/img]

  • I could be wrong, but the ¨content blocker¨ feature you find in the menu of the bottom bar seems to work just fine.

  • @TalGarik: It only hides some common formats of ads (images and Flash). It doesn't prevent downloading them.

  • I suspected I was wrong, thank you Saskatchewan!

  • Maybe you can help me, I use Yandex browser, and I have not installed Opera or chrome only yandex and IE, when I want to get addons in yandex, it takes me to opera addons page so yandex uses opera addons very well, I don't use adblok because Adguard is more useful for me,
    do you know how I get adguard in vivaldi?

  • @tobyraistrick: It's any way to install Chrome extensions? I saw your PNG-image about AdBlock. But I can't download from the Chrome Web store. :unsure:

  • I attempted the method suggested in the original post of this thread but the extension does not show on the extensions page. The browser did prompt me asking to install to which I said yes. AdBlock appears to be working, but there is no way to alter any of the settings since the extension is not listed on "vivaldi://chrome/extensions"

  • Go here:
    Get the latest version ZIP. Unzip it.

    Go here: vivaldi://chrome/extensions and choose Load Unpacked Extension and point to unzipped adblock files from above.

  • Thanks! I got the unpacked extension part but I was apparently using a nightly that wasn't good because this worked perfect.

  • It works great, thank you!

  • Indeed works great! :evil:

    But it's any way to install other Chrome extensions, too, even now? :unsure:

  • @vinczej:

    Indeed works great! :evil:

    But it's any way to install other Chrome extensions, too, even now? :unsure:

    If you use the MEGA cloud service you can install the MEGA extension in similar fashion to Adblock.
    Go to the MEGA menu at and select Apps>Chrome App and click download link.

  • I'd love to see Opera 12.xx URLFILTER.INI feature in Vivaldi.

  • Hi again all,

    Sorry for the late reply.
    In case you have realized by now, Vivaldi is currently based on Chromium Project (See Attached) and all Chrome commands in the address bar do work. However, the Devs appear to just have renamed the word "Chrome" with "Vivaldi".

    For a full list of commands you can use in Chrome and Vivaldi, please follow this link: chrome://about
    (Copy and Paste in Address bar)

    I agree with sgarrand and you are also correct. I dont know why the adblock website direct link wouldnt work for you as after looking in debugging mode, going to and downloading there does exactly the same thing as when unpacking an extension.

    But anyway, as long as you all have it installed for now 🙂 And in reply to vinczej: If you want Chrome Extentions, you cannot go to the chrome download store as it does recognize that is is not chrome, its a Chromium Project Browser. So you will have to go to the extention creators website. (adblocks Official website, MEGA offical site etc etc) Credit to Terryphi about MEGA. Well done Sir! 🙂


  • Thanks. That is a addon that is really needed!

  • get stuff, didn't think of this! 🙂

    although please be aware going to the adblockplus website and trying to install that adblocker will crash the browser

  • Recently I could install in Vivaldi the next extensions: AdBlock, Lyrics, MyVocabu, AddThis. And all works! :woohoo: (Of Course without extension buttons on address bar)

  • I've gotten a chrome extension that is not available outside the chrome store to install.


    • install the extension in chrome.

    • go to AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Extensions on your computer.

    • There are folders with jumbled text, choose the one which corresponds with the chrome store url of the wanted extension, and copy the folder inside it.

    • paste the folder wherever you want (i.e. downloads).

    • go into the folder and rename "_metadata" to "metadata" (just remove the _).

    • in vivaldi go to vivaldi://chrome/extensions and select developer mode.

    • press the load unpacked extensions… button and navigate to the copied folder.

    • Press OK and it should install.


    This method is not guaranteed to work, but it worked for me.

  • I done with the same way installing of extensions, except that I ported the extensions from the Opera Extensions folder. 🙂

    Many cases it works fine (except the visible extension buttons, those are substituted with Rightclick).

    Some cases installing is apparently fine , but extension seems to be not working. (E.g.: Pocket)

  • Just to let you know, I just went to hit the " + Get Adblock Now" button, and it just offered to install to Vivaldi - and worked!

    This is on Windows 7 64bit.


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