Vivaldi seems to temporarily "forget" saved passwords

  • When started fresh, saved credentials get filled into the login form of a web site. All ok. After some time no credentials get filled in anymore. In settings/privacy it states: no saved passwords found Closing vivaldi and opening it again resolves the issue. Is that known?

  • Moderator

    Interesting symptom. Have not seen or heard of that.

    I have a similar one, but it's probably somehow my fault. I had to reinstall Vivaldi at one point, backed up my profile, and then moved the Login Data file from the backup to the new install, at which point I lost access to my passwords. They still save just fine, they still auto-populate just fine, but underlying Chromium tells me I have no saved passwords. But this is always. They always work properly, and Chromium (chrome://settings/search#pass - open manage passwords dialogue) can never find them.

  • Right now I think this had to do with the other problem I had. (heavy disk activity)
    I'll watch it and will post an update.

  • I had the same issue after installing the latest update on Mac OSX. Prior to the update I had a couple of sites saved, I may not have ever closed V and after the update my passwords were lost.


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