Lastpass doesn't work

  • I don't know why but Lastpass extension doesn't work for me as it should. I have done even new clean standalone installations but when I log in to Lastpass service saving passwords and some other functions doesn't work. It just opens empty windows with something like this in address: chrome-extension://hdokfgfdgfdgdfgfdgioahd/tabDialog.html?dialog=site So I can't even save any new site password, very annoying.

  • Same problem.

  • same here
    using linux mint 17.3
    on chrome it works fine

  • Reproducible for me too 😞

  • Same problem here since version 1.0! Before 1.0 all was working.

    Lastpass is working as long as it doesn't open an extra dialog window/tab. For this reason some important things like adding new site/account or re-asking password before filling login information are not working anymore. I just get empty white pages without any function!

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    The latest snapshot (1.1.453.6) has some extension fixes. It might be worth a try.

  • I installed latest snapshot after reading changelog and I think following item fixed the problem:

    JavaScript "" causes 2 HTTP requests: Lastpass showed a blank page when opening Secure Note (VB-13931)

    For me it's working again with latest snapshot, but not in stable version.

  • Using latest snapshot build.
    Lastpass not working still

  • Latest snapshot, downloaded today. Lastpass is not working with Livefyre sites.

  • I have not expierenced these problems, my LastPass is working just fine. running on the snapchat before the latest.

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    No problems with LastPass here, apart from having to reconfirm the Trusted Platform with every new update of Vivaldi.

    One can install the LastPass plugin via the Chrome Webstore. I assume that's what you've done.
    You can also download the LastPass Universal Windows installer from and set this up on your PC.
    I've noticed that without this local installation LastPass behaves different from just the Chrome extension alone.

    My setup is both the local installer from and the Chrome extension from the webstore.

  • Still doesn't fully work as it should.
    Like login on the popup dialog.

  • Same here

  • Well, it kinda works, sometimes.

    After filling in my credentials on the lastpass pulldown menu, it takes about 30 seconds before it asks for my second factor authentication, while on FF and Chrome this is instant.
    After that, I usually, but not always, am logged in to my account. But always, after some time (which varies wildly; can be 30 seconds or half an hour) I get logged out. Usally no error messages, sometimes a Lastpass message 'Something went wrong'. I can log in again, after which the process repeats.

    On FF or chrome this never happens. Lastpass is rocksolid. I cannot use Vivaldi as my main browser until this works flawless, so hoping this will be fixed soon.

    It's starting to make me nervous… :unsure: I do not like constantly typing in my master password...

    OS: W10 PRO x64
    Vivaldi: 1.1.453.43


  • I feel you. Same exact behaviour with W10 x64 and vivaldi 1.1 x64
    It always works, it's "only" delayed for about 20-30 seconds and gives no feedback on button click

  • Lowering password iterations might help a little. I had over 24 000 iterations and had to wait over a minute to apply Yubikey second factor authentication. During this time I couldn't click away from the Lastpass pop-up, or the login process would fail.

    Setting iterations to 5000 (LastPass' default) cut my waiting time to about 20 seconds.

    edit: When first logging in after lowering iterations Lastpass will display a pop-up asking wether you want to proceed or not. For me this caused Vivaldi to crash completely, but viewing the notification in a different browser fixed the problem.

  • I was looking forward to giving Vivaldi a shot as my every day browser, but Lastpass does not work–will not sign in, just sits there with no response after clicking "Log In". While I can certainly appreciate that the Vivaldi devs' primary concern is not that their browser be compatible with Lastpass, it is one of my primary needs. It is heavily integrated into my daily workflow, works fine in Chrome/Firefox, and it's not worth my time to change the way I work to accommodate the lack of Lastpass support in Vivaldi--the same reason I haven't bothered giving Microsoft Edge more than a cursory glance. Sorry guys--I think you have an interesting product, maybe I'll check back further down the road.

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    last build, win 10 64x, working normally

  • Stellar. Mind telling us the version number? And maybe which features are 'working normally?'

    Does this include MFA being enabled?

  • I get a 20-second pause after entering my master password, on both a win10x64 desktop rig and an arch x64 laptop. Works fine otherwise. The LastPass login window is not unresponsive for those 20 seconds, but pressing Enter after entering the master password appears to do nothing… the cursor just keeps blinking. The extension accepts the Enter keystroke whether I leave the window open or go about my business.

    LastPass Chrome extension
    Vivaldi 1.1.453.52 stable 32-bit
    Revision: 0c319c380220abe3daf0277e40a2d0b22a7c4550


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