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  • No official thread for bug reports yet, so post them here until the developers make an official thread. Just installed the TP (; very excited! I want to report a few bugs I noticed right away. I'm on a Surface Pro running Windows 8.1.1 (x64), outputting 1366x768 on a different monitor. On the initial launch, I could open the About page from the Vivaldi Button menu, but not the Horizontal Menu; restarting the browser resolved this. The settings gear at the bottom of the panel opens a new settings window with each press. It would be nice if it acted as a toggle, opening and closing the window. Why doesn't the settings gear/menu button go directly to vivaldi://settingspage? It's a well-designed page, and I imagine it uses less system resources than opening a new window. I get weird behavior when using my numpad. For example, the 1 jumps back a few tabs, and the 9 scrolls out. Going to vivaldi://mail redirects to www.google.com/search?q=undefined Section 6 of the EULA has a grammatical error. The second (or first) "only" is redundant. "You may only use the Software and Services for personal use only."

  • In that case, I'll paste my bug I posted in the wrong section.

    When you load a fullscreen application (Currently on the Microsoft MVA website watching some videos) the message "Vivaldi is showing in Fullscreen mode. Press F11 to exit." is not disappearing unless I completely closed the browser. Pressed F11 a few times and closed the tab, but it persists across all tabs until the browser is closed.

    Also, changing my startup page in settings to www.google.co.uk does nothing. Reopening the settings menu shows that the startup page resets back to vivaldi.net

  • Rendering is glitchy on this page if any filters such as Sepia or Greyscale are enabled - I'd like to label this "Flash of Blank Page"

    • opening tabs and windows is quiety slow/laggy
    • window does not always get focused, eg when clicking on a tab or the empty tab bar and trying to Ctrl+T
    • private/inkognito mode is present in my windows taskbar jump list, not via menu?
    • the number keys as shortcuts to switch tabs dont get caught in google docs

  • At least on my Debian/Linux:

    • The Mouse Cursor does not change shape just by moving it. I have to clock somewhere to get back an arrow once it has changed to semthing else.
    • In one case, typing numbers within a text box caused the screen resolution to change, or the browser switched to a different tab

  • My main window just crashed, leaving all tab processes running (including sound playback). Had to kill all manually before i could start a new window. Tabs were restored though.

  • On Windows 7 Pro 64bit German:

    • Selected "Advanced" on the installer.
    • Typed in a custom folder "D:\Tools\Internet\Vivaldi" (not yet existing; while ""D:\Tools\Internet" exists and is writable) to install to
    • Application installed in default installation path ""C:\Program Files (x86)\Vivaldi"

  • Ambassador

    No 32 bits version on Linux
    (Yes I know it's not really a bug, but it's close enough)

  • Windows 8.1 x64

    • If you open up Vivaldi's settings but close out the main browser first, and not the settings box you can never get the main browser to open again. Doesn't matter if you kill all tasks or try to open a new window or tab. Requires a full uninstall then re installation of the browser.

    That's just beyond annoying

  • Windows 7 Enterprise (32bit)

    In some Login Forms I am unable to enter passwords with numbers as Vivaldi starts to switch tabs or changes size.
    (In this Case an old Webfrontend of a Storage Machine)

  • @intay:

    Windows 8.1 x64

    • If you open up Vivaldi's settings but close out the main browser first, and not the settings box you can never get the main browser to open again. Doesn't matter if you kill all tasks or try to open a new window or tab. Requires a full uninstall then re installation of the browser.

    That's just beyond annoying

    Exactly the same problem
    win 7 64bit
    installed default settings.

    PLUS if you klick on the settings icon in the left bar you can open the settings menu multiply times (in the background).

    and dunno if matters but:

    [0127/120907:ERROR:client_util.cc(218)] Could not find exported function RelaunchChromeBrowserWithNewCommandLineIfNeeded

  • Linux. Fedora 21/gnome 3

    Try adding a comment from the notification drop-down in g+. The backspace key will not work as backspace in the text field. instead it is a history back, taking the whole tab back and losing the text i was editing.

  • Linux. Fedora 21/gnome 3

    Try opening the web service on a VMware vcenter server.
    I can see the page loading in the URL field (that greyed progress bar in the background), but the actual web page does not change at all. It still shows the "speed dial" or whatever I had up earlier. Possibly because this server uses a "snake oil" certificate. In that case the browser should come up with a warning, right?

  • Some bugs that were found at Vivaldi browser (OS: Windows 7 Ultimate x64):
    1. If you try to export your configs several windows will pop up. There is no ability to close 2 or 3 of them. Also there is a very annoying thing - they are moving on screen after each clicking on "save", "cancel" or whatever else
    2. If one's has several tabs from the same site he should click on "group similar". It's a cool feature. But there is a bug: after grouping them i can't add another tab. I have to resolve them and only after that i'll be able to group them again

  • Hi everyone. Thanks so much for this new initiative. Love it already! Here my first feedback:
    On my Surface Pro 3, the program is blurry, i guess due to scaling issues. With the usual fix: “Disable display scaling on high DPI settings” it did not get any better. Would be great if the browser is displayed sharply on the Surface soon!
    And - the functionality of the rewind button so far is limited…wont go back to start...


  • I found 2 bugs:

    • Cloning a tab does not clone its history but only open the current url as new tab. Cloning the history as well would be nice.
    • opening links in new tabs does not send login credential on some sites (eg being logged in on twitter and opening a user profile link with right click -> 'open in new tab' opens the new tab but there I'm not logged in any more)

  • In the search bar, we have "WolframpAlpha"
    CTRL + F overlays the search menu dropdown
    The left panel doesn't change its color in accordance to the website
    The tab spacing doesn't adhere to Fitt's law
    No CTRL + Shift + T
    When the menu is mapped to a menu bar, the dropdown menus have an inconsistent background color and hover effect from other menus in the browser
    The "X" button for tabs has rounded corners, but every other element of the interface is blocky (From a marketing standpoint, you all should remember that people like rounded stuff more.)
    Click on Menu -> Click on Menu does not collapse the menu; it just reopens it

  • Many mice (such as mine, a logitech G700) come with back and forward buttons on the side. Other browsers I've used will respond to those buttons when pushed by browsing forward or back a page, as if you hit the browser's back or forward buttons.

    Vivaldi doesn't respond to these mouse buttons at all, however.

    EDIT: Found another bug. Vivaldi does not allow you to use the autotype feature in the KeePassX password manager. Instead nothing gets entered into the login widgets on pages, and the page gets zoomed out a lot.

  • The first thing I do when I use a browser for the first time is setting duckduckgo as default search engine and removing google; after doing this, Vivaldi had become unusable, so I have added Google and … it works again! One of the main complains against Opera is its affiliation with Google, it seems Vivaldi's association is even more radical. I hope to be wrong and that this is a bug that will be corrected, otherwise sorry Vivaldi guys, I like your project but I want to stay as far as possible from anything google.

  • – A few minutes ago, after closing one of the tabs, I've lost two other opened tabs and all bookmarks (!)

    Other bugs:
    – vivaldi://about has no title
    – Search engines settings are only available under All settings
    – "Group similar" in tab's context menu doesn't disappear immediately after disabling tab stacking in settings (it does disappear after clicking it)

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