Fully private email, developed by the people behind StartPage and Ixquick…

  • For any-one interested in secure e-mail [color=#000000][b][url=https://www.startmail.com/]StartMail [/url][/b][/color] has recently been introduced. They promote the following: - Easy to use, one-click PGP encryption - We never read your email - Based outside of US jurisdiction - Built by a company you can trust The basic account is $60/year. Information at: https://www.startmail.com/

  • @greybeard:

    Easy to use, one-click PGP encryption


    …and what about an online service, just as revolutionary as "turbo" had been, to provide a super easy PKI mail encryption?

  • Why not just use a PGP-capable e-mail client?

    There are lots of them - commercial and free.
    I - for one - use the Bat! Pro, which also encrypts the local mail database.

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