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  • My dear old real Opera (Opera 12.17) asked me to update to version 12.18: usually it asks me to update to the chromium version. Going to ftp://ftp.opera.com/pub/opera/win/1218/ there is a new Opera 12 version, but I can't find a changelog. Do someone knows what are the differences? Did they disable Opera Link or something like that? Thanks in advance

  • I hate to repeat myself, but 12.18 is a security update. They removed a few protocols that are considered unsafe, added some which were not in 12.17. and enabled TLS 1.1 and 1.2 by default. And yes, there's an update for Mail too. No, no Linux or Mac versions yet. 😞

  • I've tried update to 12.18 … but now dragonfly does not work anymore.

    Can anyone confirm this behavior or help to run dragonfly again?

  • Hmmm … not seeing this one, it appears fine here.

  • Seems that dragonfly server was temporary down
    I gat the following message in BOTH 12.14 and 12.18: "Could not connect to remote server. You tried to access the address https://dragonfly.opera.com/app/, which is currently unavailable. …".

    Actually it works again as it should

  • But only for Windows. 😞
    I’d love to update my e-mail client …

  • The timing is curious. Why do an update now, two years after everyone considered Opera Classic (12.x) to be dead and abandoned?

    I think it has something to do with Opera's deal with the Chinese. Maybe they want to enlarge their product portfolio by claiming that Opera Classic is still actively maintained?

    Nonetheless, as someone who still uses Opera 12.x from time to time, I will gladly accept the update, regardless of its circumstances. 🙂

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    Opera 12 technology is licensed for special customers and embedded in some devices and third party programs.
    May be thats why they update such security fix.

    And they can show investors that Opera 12 is supported and in portfolio.

  • Responding to Smetana re: O-Mail

    I've been using PM Mail 2000 v.2.20.2717 despite publisher bailing out on maintaining the program in May 2003; it now appears they are completely 'gone,' but you can still find the program 'out there.' Don't know whether or not you need a key to use it (I maintain my key for when I upgrade hardware), but I think it's a better program than Opera Mail, which I tried for a while when seeking an alternative to PMM.

    If your are truly into 'alternative ware' I know the folks that STILL support OS/2 -eCS bought the rights to PM/2 a long time ago and may have enhanced it well-beyond what I am using now.

    Greatest benefit is that it's KB friendly and allows you to pre-screen all the crap that may be on your ISP's email server before you download it; MUCH better than Outlook in that regard.

  • The issue that Opera 12 couldn't connect to various HTTPS sites (including those using CloudFare) is fixed in 12.18. So that's an actual useful update.

  • here's the official news from Opera:

    P.S. I was a little bit confused about the small download size with only 14MB :lol: Vivaldi Updates are so huge in comparison

  • @sgunhouse:

    No, no Linux or Mac versions yet. 😞

    Opera's Linux guy is now working for Vivaldi. So I guess they don't have anyone left who knows how to create the Linux builds of Presto. 😉

  • Has anyone an idea on how to update Opera@USB from 12.17 to 12.18? The portable apps version is quite different.

  • @Wicket1138:

    Has anyone an idea on how to update Opera@USB from 12.17 to 12.18? The portable apps version is quite different.

    Install new version in USB-mode, then manually exports files with settings, cashe etc
    Or run installer, choose folder with portable version and update

  • The 12.18 update for Opera@USB was released a few days ago.

  • How can I enable Java and Flash Player in Opera v12.18?
    I installed Java & Flash Player, but the browser doesn't see either.

  • @sgunhouse
    And still no Linux update.


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