Apple Pay anyone?

  • Vivaldi Team

    Personally I think that Apple Pay was the most important announcement this time around from Apple. A watch and a couple of new iPhones? Yawn. What Apple Pay does though is empower these new devices with one click purchase power and that is appealing even to me. If one thing should convince me to go Apple it would be something like that. It also sounds like privacy and security is taken care of elegantly. With Apple Pay suddenly the watch may become your one tap shop solution and that is very convenient. Very, very convenient indeed! I would assume PayPal and The Google Wallet folks are paying close attention because Apple Pay is stepping right into both services current turf and if they succeed it's not going to be fun for the old timers who dabble in credit card numbers and security codes like both Google and PayPal currently does. I'll be on the fence paying close attention to how this develops. I just said in another post that I do not want to purchase an Apple Watch, but maybe I'll get one if it turns out to be what I need to tap to get a Subway sandwich and look at it being able to keep time an added bonus.

  • @christian:

    It also sounds like privacy and security is taken care of elegantly.

    I believe that if none of the stuff got hacked in - let's say - 2 years.

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