A browser with less RAM usage.

  • I just found out about an interesting browser called Polarity browser. It uses both Chromium and Trident engines, and built-in web technologies. It also has lots of features. It's also known to use far less RAM than other browsers and be more "energy efficient", because of the feature Garbage Collector. This also apparently causes less heating. It also has many built-in security features, like Web of Trust and Privacy Mode. Sounds like it's made for fast, secure browsing with energy efficiency and tons of features. Anyone ever tried this browser? Seems interesting. And hopefully Vivaldi can also do the same with garbage collecting to use less RAM and all of the features that Polarity has! http://www.polarityweb.weebly.com/

  • I dind'nt know this browser, is a very good browser 😉 Thanks

  • Yes, I tested it. On Desktop Windows 10, it's buggy as hell and unusable. I can't really tell whether it's faster than any other browser or not because of that, but I did check the task manager and it's true that it uses far less RAM than any other browser I've seen. It may use less resources overall than any other browser, and by that I mean FAR less resources while still having lots of features.

    They say that's because of garbage collection. If so, listen to me Vivaldi team, check this out and try to get the same garbage collection thing going!

    On Android, I tested it as well and it's far better than it's desktop version. It's REALLY fast on Android! Faster than Chrome and Opera, that's for sure. Definitely not buggy like the desktop version, but I wish they had Opera's UI.

  • Hmmm, nah. I use Pale Moon (an Open Source web browser forked off from the Firefox/Mozilla code focusing on efficiency and ease of use) on my old and slower laptop. But I would really like to use Vivaldi, is there any way to introduce a feature to optimize memory usage automatically. Something like how they talk about it in this blog here: http://www.slimjet.com/blog/automatically-optimize-memory-usage-in-slimjet/.

    Also, what about Click-To-Play and Adjust Speed Dial animations for slower hardware?

  • Vivaldi Translator

    Vivaldi does have Click-to-play, but vivaldi://settings/content does not show the defaults any more.
    You currently have to click on the area where the padlock should be and then "Site-settings"
    Now you can set your preferred option for the site.

    Here are some small browsers that is still developed (reviews on Majorgeeks)



    If you are interested in multi-engine browsers, try Lunascape and Avant

  • Nice, haven't checked those out, but I'm sure they do consume less RAM than Vivaldi, Chrome, Firefox, etc.

    I mainly wanted to talk about this browser to bring attention to the fact that it's a feature rich browser with garbage collection, which seems to lower it's RAM usage to minuscule amounts as shown in this chart.

    I've never really seen that, and I wanted to raise awareness to the Vivaldi team that they should really look into getting something like this and reduce RAM usage!

    Let's raise awareness for RAM abuse!

  • This is one of those browsers that are a small community or a single person project, I don't wanna hate on them, but they never get far, usually look like crap and perform in a similar manner. The best someone can do is take the Firefox or Chromium browser and improve certain aspects like page load speed and feature count.

    Here are some, although I'm skeptic about whether they will ever become useful everyday browsers.

  • Yes, I don't think it'll go far at all. I mentioned it because I wanted Vivaldi's attention on this when it came to the garbage collection. They did get interested by it, but found it was using an old Chromium version, like 22 or 23. Well, it was worth a shot.


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