Android does not have a small screen phone

  • I want a Phone size similar to iPhone SE or 11

    A phone of this size is small enough to be easy to hold and can touch most of the screen space with one hand.

    The sad thing is that the screen size of Android phones on the market is too big for me.

    I consider buying iPhone SE 2

  • @poto How big do you want the overall phone to be? Because with these newer phones with smaller bezels on the display, it can be harder to compare current screen sizes with the older thick bezel screen sizes that you would find on the iPhone SE.

    My current phone with a screen size of 6.41" (163 mm) is the same size as my old 5.5" (140 mm) screen phone.

    I use a website called Kimovil to search for phones. It lets you do granular searches for the different aspects of the phone.

    Here is a search I did for phones from the last 3 years with screen sizes below 4.8 inches:,f_max_d+screenSize.4.8

    You could probably get away with a larger screen size because of the aforementioned bezel point.

    The Sony Xperia Compact phones seem to be a good option to look into.

    A note of warning...Kimovil will show you a lot of phones from smaller phone brands right alongside the more reputable companies. I have done alright with phones from Doogee and UMiDIGI, but don't expect any updates or support.

    So probably stick with the bigger brands you find in the search.

    My last phone, the UMi Plus E, was supposed to get an update to Android 7, but the company backtracked on their promise and tried to remove all evidence that they advertised the update. Many an angry forum posts about that topic.

  • @nomadic I don't care about the screen size, what I care about is the body size.

    My needs are very simple, one hand can hold it comfortably

    In addition, I have to consider whether I can buy a mobile phone in my country

    You mentioned Sony phones, but do you think this phone has a slender body? The width of the phone may meet the requirements, but the length does not meet my needs

  • @poto It is difficult to gauge the correct size for the phone because everyone's hand is a different size. So unfortunately, not so simple.

    Kimovil lets you check availability/compatibility (cell bands and carriers) with different countries, but there are plenty of retailers that it doesn't cover, so it is better for discovering phones rather than finding places to buy them.

    The Sony phones I see are smaller than the new 2020 iPhone SE in width and height, but they are a bit thicker. Thickness is less important to fitting in your hand than the other dimensions.

    Here is a new search with the body dimensions of the 2020 iPhone SE rather than the screen size:,f_max_d+sizeHeightMm.140,f_max_d+sizeWidthMm.68

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