How to create a strong password

  • in this topic, we will explain to you how to create a strong password
    first enter the following website :
    then choose the settings you need
    password length, use upper and lower Characters , numbers and symbols
    finally click on the "Generate Password" icon.
    keep the password so you don't get lost.
    it's easy, it's not complicated, it doesn't need much experience.
    this website have multilang : Arabic , English , Spanish , Portuguese , French , Italian , German , Turkish , Russian , Chinese , Persian .
    you can choose the language you want
    i hope you enjoy with this simple explanation .

  • @mohazert
    Problem is, I don't remember the strongest passwords.
    So I need to save them somewhere.
    At that point the "strength" of the passwords is the same of the system I use to store them somewhere, with the added huge issue that, when I store passwords in some "electronic wallet", a failure in the system makes all passwords compromised all together.

    In my experience dictionary or brute force attacks are limited to high profile targets. For most people the problem is not the "strength" of their passwords but:

    1. they are induced to give away their password via some scam email or even phone call.
    2. some Web site gets its user database compromised, then all passwords are stolen from inside the service, that very account is compromised and on top of it many people use the same password for multiple accounts so all the other accounts are compromised as well.
      Point 1 and 2 are so common that the "2 keys authentication" has became common practice, regardless.

  • Ambassador

    Good passwords do not stand out for having random symbols, the strength of a good password lies in its length. Requires the same number of iterations in a brute force attack, if I use € & 11 ¥ π ÷ ¶ or if I use V1✓ @ LD | 3, taking as an example. But the last one can be remembered, the first one is not
    Besides, I don't really trust these pages that create online passwords or that check their strength. It's tremendous how much a page or any hosted tracker knows about the user when visit a page, if you also use a password generated online, well.....

  • Moderator

    @mohazert I never ever would create a password by a website and use it. Why? Trust & Privacy.
    It can not be proofed if they store generated passwords.

  • Moderator

    There are many local programs which can generate password list for you.
    For example Keepass2 or KeepassXC can do this.

  • Ambassador

    @Gwen-Dragon , not even recommended if it don't (♫♪ 10 little PUPs in your HD ♫♪), and 2FA never with SMS, better with another mail account, desirable another sistem

  • In most cases such generated passwords, like "1%32;lsdf459^54$3#aHJtRw", which cannot be remembered, force users to write them on paper, sometimes on postit notes glued to the monitor.

    I prefere passphrases like "I'm StilgarWolf, old Opera and now Vivaldi user" or something. Long and easy to remember.

  • @mohazert The generated random passwords are difficult to remember. I create passwords by using the first digits of each word and number in a sentence I can remember. If there is two-factor authentication, I will turn it on.

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